About us

Our global team comprises expert strategists and software developers who bring extensive experience in leading multinational projects and crafting customized solutions. We specialize in strategic consulting and technology implementation across Digital Transformation, AI & Machine Learning, Lead Generation, Brand Asset Management, and Marketing Automation. By integrating strategic foresight with technical expertise, we help businesses streamline their operations and achieve their long-term objectives, ensuring they not only adapt to market changes but also drive innovation within their industries.

Our core values—innovation, integrity, and inclusivity—are the foundation of every decision we make and action we take. From our inception, our mission has been to establish a legacy of leadership, excellence, and meaningful contributions. We continuously explore new frontiers, push boundaries, and adopt cutting-edge technologies to deliver impactful solutions.

Whether you are a client, partner, or team member, you play a crucial role in our journey. 



Monica Ioannidou Polemitis
Founder and CEO

Monica is a highly respected and accomplished leader, known for her strategic vision and business expertise. She possesses deep understanding of the intricacies of technology integration and strategic innovation.


pankaj dalal

Pankaj Dalal
Partner / TKI

His passion for leveraging technology to drive business outcomes is evident in his tailored strategies and successful implementations, consistently delivering measurable value and sustainable growth for customers.


sean mckenzie

Sean McKenzie
Partner / TKI

His expertise lies in lead generation, marketing automation, and digital transformation, where he spearheads the Customer Success team, ensuring the seamless delivery of essential business applications to clients and partners.


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